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[leafnode-list] Re: Sanity check: leafnode2 filters

On Tue-2009/04/14-14:25 Adam Funk wrote:

> On 2009-04-10, clemens fischer wrote:
>> Would you like this to be changed to showing all four items (if known)
>> even if the Message-ID could be had?
> I suppose that might be useful for times when you think fetchnews has
> missed an important message.
> But I'm more concerned about the fact that using "maxage = 20"
> currently makes fetchnews reject everything from matching newsgroups.

We're working on it.  It has to do with the information available to the
filters.  When no date header is available, the age-function returns the
value 1000+ as an error code, which gets interpreted as the actual age
of the article.

We could do a quick workaround, but what's needed is a partial redesign
to integrate both Lua-based and "regular" filtering.  We want to offer
both options.  The Lua-only version (without a setting for "filterfile")
doesn't have this problem, and older releases from 2008 without the Lua
compile time option don't have it either AFAIK.

Again, I am sorry for the fallout of my Lua additions.  I concentrated
entirely on Lua, both the C-side and the Lua application, but of course
I'll help with the repairs.  In the end leafnode-2 will again be an easy
to use and stable product, the required changes are not that


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