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[leafnode-list] Re: Sanity check: leafnode2 filters

On 2009-04-14, clemens fischer wrote:

> On Tue-2009/04/14-14:25 Adam Funk wrote:

>> But I'm more concerned about the fact that using "maxage = 20"
>> currently makes fetchnews reject everything from matching newsgroups.
> We're working on it.  It has to do with the information available to the
> filters.  When no date header is available, the age-function returns the
> value 1000+ as an error code, which gets interpreted as the actual age
> of the article.
> We could do a quick workaround, but what's needed is a partial redesign
> to integrate both Lua-based and "regular" filtering.  We want to offer
> both options.  The Lua-only version (without a setting for "filterfile")
> doesn't have this problem, and older releases from 2008 without the Lua
> compile time option don't have it either AFAIK.
> Again, I am sorry for the fallout of my Lua additions.  I concentrated
> entirely on Lua, both the C-side and the Lua application, but of course
> I'll help with the repairs.  In the end leafnode-2 will again be an easy
> to use and stable product, the required changes are not that
> revolutionary.

The "maxage" problem isn't the end of the world for me, since I know
not to use it at the moment.  ;-)

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