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[leafnode-list] Re: Questions about funny log entries (leafnode-2)

On Wed-2009/04/15-14:32 Adam Funk wrote:

> Just a few minor questions about odd log entries.
> Whenever I post to a moderated group (moderated upstream, I mean; I
> don't use any local groups), I see this message in news.info:
> leafnode[30849]: Could not open /etc/news/leafnode2/moderators: No
> such file or directory
> Should I just create an empty file at that location?

man 5 moderators

I have two entries there:


I remember experimenting with local moderated groups just to see what
it's like to be in power.  No conclusive result, it works, you get
emails.  The second one may be an optimization for gmane.org newsgroups,
but in generell one doesn't need that.  Moderated groups make articles
send to a default location where the moderators emails are kept.

I don't think this is needed at all if accepting defaults.

> Also, when slrn connects to leafnode and when fetchnews starts, I see
> these:
> leafnode[23296]: script: item init script ln_init message dofile cannot read hooks file
> leafnode[23296]: script_ln_init returns wrong result or cannot init backend
> fetchnews[30967]: script: item init script fn_init message dofile cannot read hooks file
> fetchnews[30967]: script_fn_init returns wrong result or cannot init backend
> What do they mean?  (I'm not using lua scripting yet, so they might
> just mean that I haven't put a file somewhere.)

Exactly.  If people want Lua, they have to configure
/etc/leafnode/scripthooks.lua, an example of which is included in the
distribution as scripthooks.lua.dist.


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