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[leafnode-list] Re: Questions about funny log entries (leafnode-2)

On Thu-2009/04/16-23:50 Peter J Ross wrote:

> On Thursday 16 April 2009 20:13:18 Adam Funk wrote:
>> On 2009-04-15, clemens fischer wrote:
>> > man 5 moderators
>> It hadn't occurred to me to try that!  Should that be a "see also" in
>> man leafnode?
> I think it should. Also, RFC 977 is superseded by RFC 3977, and
> config.example should IMO be mentioned in "see also" as well as
> filters.example. Diff for leafnode.8 attached. (I haven't checked the
> other man pages.)

Is it the mailinglist-software or gmane.org?  I did not see the
attachment.  Fetchnews(8) doesn't mention moderators(5) either.


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