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[leafnode-list] RFC-3977 (Re: Questions about funny log entries (leafnode-2))

On Fri-2009/04/17-19:55 Peter J Ross wrote:

> On Friday 17 April 2009 14:59:13 clemens fischer wrote:
>> Is it the mailinglist-software or gmane.org?  I did not see the
>> attachment.  Fetchnews(8) doesn't mention moderators(5) either.
> The attachment didn't reach the archive at uni-dortmund.de, so Gmane
> is unlikely to be to blame.
> Here it is inline, with a similar patch for fetchnews.8 too:

Thank you very much.  I think leafnode-2 doesn't follow RFC-3977 in
every respect, so maybe Matthias will include references to the older
RFC-977 as well.


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