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[leafnode-list] Re: applyfilter(8): any users?

On 4/19/2009 3:03 PM, Peter J Ross wrote:
> Of course, I don't have to upgrade if I don't want to. In theory, we Leafnode
> Traditionalists could even create our own fork.
> I'd very much like the 20081229 version to continue to be made available as a
> comparatively "stable" release. In fact, I can think of no good reason for it
> not to be released as Leafnode 2.0.0-rc1, other than that Matthias is a
> perfectionist. I suppose some recent bugfixes could be backported.
> It's just *silly* that software I've been using without problems every ten
> minutes for two years is still "alpha" software. The new Lua version may be
> of alpha quality, but the last 2008 version is not. I think the Lua scripting
> should be saved for Leafnode 2.1.x, and that meanwhile there should be a
> *release*.
I agree with those statements.  I think we should make a stable release 
without Lua, and then move Lua to the next development release.

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