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[leafnode-list] Re: applyfilter(8): any users?

Am 20.04.2009, 00:03 Uhr, schrieb Peter J Ross <peadar.ruadh@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Of course, I don't have to upgrade if I don't want to. In theory, we  
> Leafnode
> Traditionalists could even create our own fork.
> I'd very much like the 20081229 version to continue to be made available  
> as a
> comparatively "stable" release. In fact, I can think of no good reason  
> for it
> not to be released as Leafnode 2.0.0-rc1, other than that Matthias is a
> perfectionist. I suppose some recent bugfixes could be backported.

Well - I've thought about feature freeze soon, so as to make a 2.0  
release, but that in turn is a commitment WRT fixes and stability, and I  
want to avoid spawning a third branch (in fact I have, but two of them are  
labelled "alpha").

I only fear that I might end up maintaining three branches. I could drop  
1.11 if 2.0 works out good enough. The last 2008 release (non-lua) isn't  
fit to be called a release candidate though, lots of polishing to  
documentation and migration still to be done. Beta might work in a  
reasonable time frame - but within that time frame, the luascripting bugs  
should be squished, too, so I wonder if a fork is actually worth a while.

OTOH, the fixes that were relevant to either branch have been made on the  
"master" branch (which is what all non-Luascript snapshots came from) and  
then merged into the lua branch that we released the *luascript tarballs  
from, so it's all there.

> It's just *silly* that software I've been using without problems every  
> ten
> minutes for two years is still "alpha" software. The new Lua version may  
> be
> of alpha quality, but the last 2008 version is not. I think the Lua  
> scripting
> should be saved for Leafnode 2.1.x, and that meanwhile there should be a
> *release*.

We'll see how the fixes work out.

Matthias Andree
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