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[leafnode-list] [Leafnode-announce] Leafnode 1.11.7 released (STABLE)

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                   leafnode 1.11.7 has been released.

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Version 1.11.7 is an update that fixes a few minor bugs and
incompatibilities that have appeared over time.

A binary RPM for Linux i486 with glibc 2.4 is provided. It also requires
packages providing libpcre.so.0 and xinetd.
For easier debugging (and only if backtraces are needed, such as when
leafnode/fetchnews stall or crash), there is now a -debuginfo RPM, too.

This version is or will become available in .tar.bz2 format from these sites:

o SourceForge -- Source .tar.bz2 and i486 Linux RPM

o Mirror -- Source .tar.lzma, .tar.bz2, .tar.gz, upgrade patch, i486 Linux RPM

o IBiblio/MetaLab (will take some days to pick up) -- has FTP sites
   Check the system/news/transport directory

Not all sites carry all file types (.tar.bz2, .tar.gz, .rpm).

Below are file checksums and the NEWS file excerpt, with changes since
the previous release.  The full ChangeLog ships with the tarballs and
can also be viewed at http://home.pages.de/~mandree/leafnode/ChangeLog.txt

Have fun,
Matthias Andree, Leafnode maintainer

SHA1 checksums:
81b85be012f1c3d2613e9f9c078336bdd238a052 *leafnode-1.11.7.tar.bz2
5edb6b9fa3e651275e6f31a0d3124d1dd58c8ef1 *leafnode-1.11.7.tar.gz
1a58c77267933b105663309a2a26761a13abfa73 *leafnode-1.11.7.tar.lzma
00fd5bd07742f97544248c29a42f7fe411117631 *upgrade-1.11.6-to-1.11.7.diff.gz

MD5 checksums:
e5e8ac28386c59df0b14ddbfcbe78509 *leafnode-1.11.7.tar.bz2
397f551e0a74d56065bd721ed4a1e958 *leafnode-1.11.7.tar.gz
908166db4f3cdec56edf382d38d6a771 *leafnode-1.11.7.tar.lzma
f235956fa32322ca9185a019820470c7 *upgrade-1.11.6-to-1.11.7.diff.gz

File sizes:
494740 leafnode-1.11.7.tar.bz2
586962 leafnode-1.11.7.tar.gz
440231 leafnode-1.11.7.tar.lzma
128129 upgrade-1.11.6-to-1.11.7.diff.gz
+ fetchnews: If the LN_SUPPRESS_DATE environment variable is defined and set 
  to any value or empty, fetchnews will not test the upstream server's time by 
  means of the "DATE" NNTP command.
  This can be used to quench related log messages.

+ Fix logging if texpire unlinks files without further hardlinks from
+ Fix potential segfault on libcs that do not catch NULL for %s formatting
  (several GNU libc versions do) when trying to retrieve delayed bodies from
  corrupt article headers. Pretend success, to purge article number from
  subscription file.  Bug reported by Chris Carr.
+ Fix & change "noactive" so that it can be overridden by "fetchnews -f", as
  documented in config.example.
  Regression as side effect of 1.9.50 fix, reported by Jesse F. Hughes.
+ Fix logged IP address in "connected to..., reply:" message when compiled
  without IPv6 support.
  Fixes Mandriva Bug #45605, reported by David W. Hodgins.
+ Print connected to... to console as well at proper verbosity level, found
  by maintainer while debugging aforementioned bug.
+ Only emit warning that no server with posting permission was found if that's 
  actually needed. Reported by Christian Weiske.
+ If corrupted articles had been detected, fetchnews -x NNN would not be able
  to re-fetch the said article because a 0-sized file remained in message.id,
  making fetchnews believe the article was in the spool.
  0-sized message.id/NNN/ files are now purged when checking if the article is
  already in the spool.
  Reported by Peter Bauernfeind. (de.comm.software.newsserver post, May 2008)
+ Change interface enumeration to track incompatible NetBSD 5 changes.  The
  latter led to bogus connection refusals in NNTPD.  SourceForge Bug #2700756,
  by Aleksey Cheusov, fix suggested by Roy Marples.
+ Add support for SIOCGIFALIAS where available (BSD) in order to obtain
  netmasks for 4.4BSD-style IP aliases.
  getifaddrs() has been suggested as well, but it isn't available everywhere,
  so we would have to keep the old code around anyways, and we can just fix
  that rather than introduce alternative code branches.

+ lsort (used by make update) now detects and report errors.
+ "make update" handles the lockfile properly now: it records its PID and
  removes the lock also in cases of failure.
+ "make update" restores the old groupinfo file if lsort fails.
+ "make update" now builds an up-to-date lsort first.
+ "make update" now uses the configured NEWS_USER and _GROUP.
+ "make update" is now a phony Makefile target, i. e. it will work even
  if there is a file "update" in the build directory.

+ When creating a Path: header (because the newsreader did not do that), use
  "not-for-mail" instead of NEWS_USER (usually "news") as the user component.
  This seems to resolve propagation issues with 2nd-hop-upstreams, as reported
  in Debian Bug#459980 by Michael Weitzel, with Universität Siegen, Germany.
+ When writing to client fails, log decoded errno, too.
  This can help debugging certain firewall misconfigurations more easily.
+ Undoing a wordwrap in configure.ac allows for bootstrapping on Cygwin.
+ Drop obsolete mysetvbuf().
+ leafnode-version now supports an additional "-v" mode to print more
  information on the installation. The output then is similar, but not
  identical - due to different feature sets - to the way leafnode-2 prints it.

+ Add some comments to UNINSTALL-daemontools
+ Put README-FQDN* under leafnode's license. Found to be in conflict with
  Debian's DFSG by Mark Brown.
Version: GnuPG v2.0.9 (GNU/Linux)


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