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[leafnode-list] Fetchnews messages

I am now using Leafnode-2.
I've been testing Leafnode (1 and then 2) for four days now, on Ubuntu 9.04.
The first two days I had problems with my ADSL ISP,  so I had plenty of
time-out disconnections with fetchnews. Like I said the culprit was my ISP,
but I had the feeling that Leafnode doesn't handle very well with a slaggish
connection, compared to some readers that could at least complete the job.
Anyway, yesterday my ISP got back to normal service and  Leafnode is doing
fine now.
BTW, I like the fact that: 1. Leafnode uses little RAM and CPU (even when
dealing with big newsgroups), and 2. Leafnode saves each article to an
individual file, I think that's more reliable than storing a whole group
into a big file.

When doing
fetchnews -N my.favorite.newsgroup
I got a good many 423 replies ( no such article in group)  from the news
server, but I guess that's normal, just some canceled articles.
I also  got a couple of "killed" articles, although I didn't set any
filters. Maybe that depends on the
  "store: duplicate article " ?
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