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[leafnode-list] Re: Run out of inodes

On Wed-2009/05/13-19:54 Enrico Wiki wrote:

> After posting the previous message I realized I had deleted the
> leafnode spool with a sudo command (because in leafnode-2 the owner of
> all the spool files is News, so I could not delete those as user),
> thus the deleted files were still in Root's thrash bin (in
> /root/.local/share/Thrash)! Silly me!  Sorry for making noise.

I read this as:  you have one big partition sharing "/root/" and
"/var/spool/", is this correct?  If so, I'd advise against it:  news
spools are typical for using more inodes on average for the many small
files they hold.  The same holds true for a number of files in
/var/spool/.  If possible, consider making separate partitions for "/",
"/home", "/usr", "/var" and possibly some more, like maybe "/boot".
Also, double the number of inodes for "/var".  An alternative is using
a volume manager (LVM), which can make things more complex.  I'm no
expert on this topic, though.

Regards, clemens

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