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[leafnode-list] Re: Run out of inodes

Matthias Andree wrote:
> Am 18.05.2009, 15:46 Uhr, schrieb Gary R. Schmidt <grschmidt@xxxxxxx>:
>> Matthias Andree wrote:
>> [SNIP]
>>> I'd suggest ext3 for Linux, UFS2 for FreeBSD, logging ufs on Solaris.
>> Using ZFS for Solaris would be better, no pre-allocation of inodes and,
>> if you use RAIDZ or RAIDZ2, the data is more secure.
>> Oh, and ZFS is in the BSD kernel now, so it would probably be better
>> there, too.
> Hi Gary,
> I do not believe in early adoption of file systems, particularly not if
> the file system isn't the default for the respective operating system. Is
> ZFS the default Solaris FS nowadays? If not, logging ufs is
> well-established and works. 
I had a quick look at my OpenSolaris (2008.11) install and it does 
indeed appear to be the default file system for it these days. Can't 
check for Solaris 10 as I haven't got an install lurking anywhere here atm.
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