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[leafnode-list] Duplicate posting to a moderated group

I'm using leafnode-2.0.0.alpha20090409a.luascript, and I think I'm
having this problem discussed on the list in 2004:

   >> 3. leafnode trying to post until the article shows up, rather
   >> than posting until accepted.

   > Number 3 is one significant point. If the moderator never
   > approves, doesn't the "posted" article remains in out.going
   > forever?

   See above.

   As long as leafnode is aware that the group is moderated, it will
   try to post once, on only one server, and then remove the article
   from out.going, ll. 1769ff. in fetchnews.c as of the current
   20041006a snapshot.

Is this potential problem still in existence?  I suspect that one of
my upstream servers does not have a moderated group flagged
correctly.  How do I tell whether leafnode knows it's moderated or

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