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[leafnode-list] Re: Duplicate posting to a moderated group

On 2009-06-17, Adam Funk wrote:

> Is this potential problem still in existence?  I suspect that one of
> my upstream servers does not have a moderated group flagged
> correctly.  How do I tell whether leafnode knows it's moderated or
> not?

I've checked my groupinfo file: leafnode does not think
uk.legal.moderated is moderated (it has "y" instead of "m").

I've used telnet and the "list active" NNTP command to check my
upstream servers: one of them has the group incorrectly marked "y";
the others have "m".  (I've reported this to astraweb, but they
haven't fixed it yet.)

If I manually change the flag in my local groupinfo file, will it stay
that way until leafnode next completely rebuilds it?

Or should I edit the problematic server's only_groups_pcre to exclude
this group (and run `fetchnews -f`, of course)?  I suppose this change
should do it (since I don't depend on that upstream server for any
groups with "moderated" in the name):

only_groups_pcre = ^([\+\-\w]+)(\.[\+\-\w]+(?<!binaries|binary|mp3|warez|binares|binarios|binari|binair))*$
only_groups_pcre = ^([\+\-\w]+)(\.[\+\-\w]+(?<!binaries|binary|mp3|warez|binares|binarios|binari|binair|moderated))*$


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