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[leafnode-list] Re: Duplicate posting to a moderated group

On 2009-06-26, clemens fischer wrote:

> Adam Funk wrote:
>> On 2009-06-26, clemens fischer wrote:
>>> Leafnode does have the etc/leafnode/moderators file.  So how about
>>> this: if the user wants to coerce the posting mode to "moderated",
>>> he/she can use leafnode/moderators, if he/she doesn't care, just let
>>> upstream handle it.  IOW, if the server having "y" in groupinfo can
>>> handle posts, it can have that article.  "Handle posts" defined here
>>> as: there are articles having that server in the PATH: header.
>> If some upstream servers have "y" and some have "m" for the same
>> group, one set of servers must be wrong; probably (in my scientific
>> study where n=1) the "y" set.
> Yes, but why does Leafnode have to worry?  We could post to any upstream
> if it just works.

Well, it's caused me problems (which I could fix, once I figured it
out) when leafnode thought a group was unmoderated because one
upstream server had it incorrectly flagged.  In fact, leafnode kept
reposting the message (through a server which did know that the group
was moderated) every time cron ran fetchnews until the message
appeared, and I inadvertently annoyed the group's moderators.

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