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[leafnode-list] Re: Duplicate posting to a moderated group

Matthias Andree wrote:

>> Leafnode does have the etc/leafnode/moderators file.  So how about
>> this: if the user wants to coerce the posting mode to "moderated",
>> he/she can use leafnode/moderators, if he/she doesn't care, just let
>> upstream handle it.  IOW, if the server having "y" in groupinfo can
>> handle posts, it can have that article.  "Handle posts" defined here
>> as: there are articles having that server in the PATH: header.
> Hi Clemens,

Hi Matthias,

No, I meant "manual test":  the user checks the path header himself.
But coming to think about it again, this may be more complicated.  Until
the user has done this, fetchnews shouldn't post the article.  This
means it should check if such a conflict between upstream server
announcements existed.


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