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[leafnode-list] Re: Possible bug in 1.11.7...

Am 23.07.2009, 18:15 Uhr, schrieb Gary R. Schmidt <grschmidt@xxxxxxx>:

> Hi All,
> I thing I've found a minor bug in 1.11.7, (while trying to work out why
> it's not expiring, but this doesn't have anything to do with that).
> In miscutil.c:comparemsgid(const char *id1, const char *id2):
> Line 608 is:
>     c = strcmp(strchr(id1, '@'), strchr(id1, '@'));
> I think it should be:
>     c = strcmp(strchr(id1, '@'), strchr(id2, '@'));
> As I said, it's minor, it just means the tree may be a trifle unbalanced.

Hi Gary,

Good catch, and thanks for the report. This will be fixed in 1.11.8.

Best regards

Matthias Andree
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