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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode-2.0.0.alpha20090908a.luascript snapshot available


* Matthias Andree on Tuesday, September 08, 2009 at 00:48:01 +0200
> Leafnode 2.0.0.alpha20090908a.luascript is available from
> http://home.pages.de/~mandree/leafnode/beta/
> * The code sometimes uses timeout_client where it should use a server timeout.
> 20090908a.luascript: Changes since 20090409a.luascript:
>  (MA = Matthias Andree, CF = Clemens Fischer)
> + Bugfix: look for .lua files in the /etc/leafnode (sysconf) directory. (MA)
> + Change: Provide better reject info, improve log messages (CF)
> + Change: Factor out Lua script setup (CF)
> + Bugfix: Fix fetchnews crash if no active file to merge. (MA)
>  Reported by Paul Brooks.
> + Documentation: document arc_thread_store and ..._maxage (CF)
> + Documentation: document the group-auth feature. (CF)

With this version I get the following:

fetchnews: Not automatically unsubscribing unread newsgroups.
fetchnews mode: get articles, get headers, get bodies, post articles
found 0 articles in in.coming.
news.t-online.de: connecting to port nntp
  trying:    address port 119...
  connected: address port 119.
news.t-online.de: connected (200), banner: "200 T-Online Newsserver bereit [00] (posting ok)."
news.t-online.de: checking for new newsgroups
news.t-online.de: found 0 new newsgroups
news.t-online.de: feedtype == NNTP.
found 0 articles in out.going.
news.t-online.de: 0 articles posted
news.t-online.de: alt.angst: no new articles
news.t-online.de: alt.lang.s-lang: no new articles
news.t-online.de: comp.mail.mutt: no new articles
comp.text.tex: considering 1 articles 343908 - 343908, using XOVER
comp.text.tex: XOVER: 1 seen, 0 I have, 0 filtered, 1 to get
comp.text.tex: will fetch 1 articles
Assertion failed: (strchr(buf, '\n')), function mgetheader, file artutil.c, line 60.
/Users/chris/bin/newsmail.sh: line 112: 85569 Abort trap              sudo -u news $FETCHNEWS -nvvv

[newsmail.sh is a script I'm running fetchnews from]

No problems with 20081229a; I tried another luascript version
(w/o enabling lua) earlier this year and remember having trouble,
but didn't have the time to investigate further, sorry.

$ sw_vers
ProductName:	Mac OS X
ProductVersion:	10.5.8
BuildVersion:	9L30

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