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[leafnode-list] mgetheader: assertion failed (Re: leafnode-2.0.0.alpha20090908a.luascript snapshot available)

On Tue-2009/09/08-09:28 Matthias Andree wrote:

> Am 08.09.2009, 02:26 Uhr, schrieb Christian Ebert:
>> With this version I get the following:
>> ...
>> comp.text.tex: considering 1 articles 343908 - 343908, using XOVER
>> comp.text.tex: XOVER: 1 seen, 0 I have, 0 filtered, 1 to get
>> comp.text.tex: will fetch 1 articles
>> Assertion failed: (strchr(buf, '\n')), function mgetheader, file  
>> artutil.c, line 60.
> Whoops, sorry. That's a bug...
>> /Users/chris/bin/newsmail.sh: line 112: 85569 Abort trap               
>> sudo -u news $FETCHNEWS -nvvv

ok, I've seen the trace in a private email from Matthias.

Is this a Lua-enabled build?  What were the ./configure options?

It seems the interaction between the "old-style" filterfile and the
newer Lua stuff breaks it.  The Lua-code can be disabled at build-time
("--disable-lua"), and I would like to know if this is a viable

I'll try to reproduce this bug in the next few days.


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