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[leafnode-list] Installation/configuration problems, help please

I am trying to get leafnode running on an xubuntu 9.04 system.  I have
done a perfectly standard ubuntu type install of version 1.11.7.rc1-10
(i.e. apt-get etc.) and it appears to be installed OK.

However I can't get anything much to happen.

The installation has inserted the expected entries in /etc/inetd.conf
but when I run tin (my newsreader) I just get a message saying that it
has failed to connect to the NNTP server - as if it's simply not
getting run.

I was expecting to be able to run tin from the spool (rather than via
NNTP) as the leafnode home page says:-

    Leafnode works perfectly with most common newsreaders either via
    NNTP or with traditional spool access.

... but the leafnode FAQ says:-

    Q:  Tin complains about a missing file /var/lib/news/active.

    A:  Either you have started the wrong version of tin (the one which tries
        to read news directly from the spool) or your groupinfo file is corrupt.

        In the first case, simply invoke tin with the -r flag: tin -r.  If this
        does not help, try to rebuild the groupinfo file by running fetchnews

What should I be looking at to see why it's not working?

Chris Green

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