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[leafnode-list] Re: Installation/configuration problems, help please

2009/10/16 Chris G <cl@xxxxxxxx>

> I am trying to get leafnode running on an xubuntu 9.04 system.  I have
> done a perfectly standard ubuntu type install of version 1.11.7.rc1-10
> (i.e. apt-get etc.) and it appears to be installed OK.
> However I can't get anything much to happen.
> The installation has inserted the expected entries in /etc/inetd.conf
> but when I run tin (my newsreader) I just get a message saying that it
> has failed to connect to the NNTP server - as if it's simply not
> getting run.
> I was expecting to be able to run tin from the spool (rather than via
> NNTP) as the leafnode home page says:-
>    Leafnode works perfectly with most common newsreaders either via
>    NNTP or with traditional spool access.
> ... but the leafnode FAQ says:-
>    Q:  Tin complains about a missing file /var/lib/news/active.
>    A:  Either you have started the wrong version of tin (the one which
> tries
>        to read news directly from the spool) or your groupinfo file is
> corrupt.
>        In the first case, simply invoke tin with the -r flag: tin -r.  If
> this
>        does not help, try to rebuild the groupinfo file by running
> fetchnews
>        -f.
> What should I be looking at to see why it's not working?
> --
> Chris Green <http://leafnode.sourceforge.net/>

sorry. i not speak english
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