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[leafnode-list] How to get rid of this message about failed postings?

I'm getting this message every day:-

    Some articles posted via Leafnode have been placed in the
    failed.postings directory.  This typically means that they were
    rejected by one or more of the upstream news servers.  Examining the
    news log files should provide some indication as to why.

    To retry the posting move the queue files into /var/spool/news/out.going
    and run /usr/sbin/fetchnews.

    Contents of queue in directory /var/spool/news/failed.postings:
    30110-1255790822-1: complete        477 bytes, spooled Sat Oct 17 15:47:02 2009
            From:       tinnews@xxxxxxxxxx
            Newsgroups: motzarella.newusers
            Subject:    This is really a test
            Message-ID: <602pq6-uct.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I know what caused the failure, I changed my password and didn't
change it immediately in the leafnode configuration.  Everything is
working fine now, including posting.

However it's not really clear how to get rid of the above E-Mail, I
don't really need to "retry the posting", I just want to get rid of
the error message.  Presumably I just need to *remove* the file in

Chris Green

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