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[leafnode-list] Re: Installation/configuration problems, help please

Am 19.10.2009, 15:05 Uhr, schrieb Chris G <cl@xxxxxxxx>:

> Sorry, I'm being really silly now arent I!  I'd not looked to see what
> signal 1 corresponded to and, for some reason, I thought SIGHUP was a
> non-standard signal used to do this for inetd.  My background is on
> Solaris systems which I started using way back in the late 1980s and I
> tend to use the numbers for 'kill' as a consequence.

Yup. These have pkill nowadays, and most BSD-ish systems use killall (and
call the SysV killall then killall5, to add to the confusion for system
converts :)

>> > So maybe I need to raise an Ubuntu bug asking that the "8 minutes past
>> > each hour" run of fetchnews is documented and also that the
>> > requirement to send a SIGHUP to inetd is added.
>> The latter should be done in the postinstall script, or by means of an
>> apt/dpkg trigger it seems.
> So it seems that something else must have been preventing inetd from
> running leafnode.  I *definitely* did several 'kill -1 <pid>' to inetd
> after installing leafnode and neither tin nor 'telnet localhost 119'
> got a response.  After I rebooted it worked OK.

Chances are that inetd wasn't running or the PID file was stale and you've
sent the signal to another process.

> Oh well, I think the chances of finding the cause now are very slight.
> I might well try uninstalling and then reinstalling leafnode to see if
> I get the same problem again, that will be quite easy and all I need
> to preserve before doing it is the leafnode config file.

and probably also inetd (or rather purge it, not just remove, to get rid
of the configuration).

Matthias Andree
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