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[leafnode-list] Re: Requesting "legal opinion" on newsgroup Xref header

Am 20.11.2009, 21:00 Uhr, schrieb John R. Myers <jmyers@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Just possibly I am over-obsessive about keeping old postings to the  
> <news.answers> newsgroup.
> There is a situation with fetchnews where the "Information Assurance  
> FAQ" does not get cross-referenced to <news.answers>. A little  
> investigation shows that the header contains the following line:
>     Newsgroups:...,news.answers^M

Hi John,

What does cross-referenced mean? Not show in the Xref: header and not in  
news.answers? That would happen ONLY if either (a) your leafnode has  
subscribed you to news.answers (meaning the group is listed in  
.../interesting.groups), because it wouldn't otherwise crosslink there, OR  
(b) you've set the create_all_links configuration option to 1 (or both a  
and b).

WRT the CR, it depends on where you're looking. Over the wire, you should  
have CRLF endings. Locally stored format depends on the software and OS  

Matthias Andree
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