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[leafnode-list] Re: Requesting "legal opinion" on Newsgroups &Xref headers

Am 25.11.2009, 20:36 Uhr, schrieb John R. Myers <jmyers@xxxxxxxxx>:

> On 11/24/2009 at 9:40 AM Matthias Andree wrote:
>> - Could someone verify if the article in question has CRCRLF
> Right you are. I was not aware that the line protocol was different from
> the file storage format. I have attached a snippet from tcpdump below
> and it shows a mix of CRLF and CRCRLF. Clearly the article does not
> conform to RFC 3977 which states "...an article...MUST NOT contain
> the octets LF and CR other than as part of a CRLF pair..."[Section 3.6]
>> If that is the case, we could make fetchnews strip CR* LF sequences
>> (that is any amount of CR right before LF) from lines read without too
>> much of an effort.
> One can argue both sides of this. Probably INN is more tolerant of badly-
> formed articles, but the problem should be corrected at the source.

Hi John,

thanks for confirming it's really an issue at the message source; however  
the change to leafnode is in one word, from if to while, so let's go for  
it. I've pushed this to the git repositories of leafnode-1 and leafnode-2,  
it will appear in the respective next releases.

Best regards

Matthias Andree
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