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[leafnode-list] Git repository rebase announcement


I've had to mess with the master and lua branches in the leafnode
repository and rewritten history and changes.

If you've made local changes on top of  
0172e511c503c3990f29c94fd8a4c99704fac300 (master) or  
leafnode-2-0-0-alpha20090908a.luascript (lua), please rebase them. See the  
git-rebase manual page, recovering from an upstream rebase, the hard case.

If you've just pulled, just git reset --hard VERSION (where VERSION is one  
of the two versions mentioned above) and re-pull.

Sorry for that - but I'd be surprised if this affected anyone (and if so,  
everybody but Clemens takes the guilt of not telling me you're hacking  

Best regards

Matthias Andree
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