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[leafnode-list] Signs of life...

...although not on leafnode development currently.

Three months after the latest post to the list, I'd like to state that I'm  
still alive. However, most of my scarce spare time however has gone into  
fetchmail. There have been a couple of fetchmail releases that addressed -  
sometimes long-standing - critical bugs. Apparently no such bugs were  
found in leafnode, which is a good thing.

I hope to have more time to look into leafnode-2 again, and for instance  
merge the lua extension and sort out the filtering issues uncovered by it,  
but help on leafnode will be appreciated. I won't be able to devote  
truckloads of time to leafnode in the next months, but rather only a  
couple of hours here and there.

If someone can help getting leafnode 2 ready for the new NNTP standards,  
that will be much appreciated. Even if you cannot code, but can read the  
standards and see what leafnode 2 would have to do, such a list would be a  
big help.  Proof-reading documentation, pointing out obsolete pieces of  
it, or checking that all features work as advertised, is also always a  
very welcome assistance.

BTW, if someone knows automated or scriptable upload tools that reduce the  
amount of mouse clicking and reloading pages needed to release files on  
sourceforge or berlios, please speak up.

Matthias Andree
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