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[leafnode-list] error message question


I'm pretty sure this problem is not leafnode related, but haven't 
found any help via Google and am not sure where else to turn.

I'm polling news.eternal-september.org with leafnode (version
leafnode-2.0.0.alpha 20060608b in case it matters) running on
Slackware 10.2.  I've been using this setup for years with a
variety of nntp servers (including ES since it was motz) without
problem, and on May 21 at 08:24:03 (EDT) began getting the
following error message:

connecting to news.eternal-september.org:nntp: cannot create
socket: Address family not supported by protocol

Any suggestions on how to correct this situation would be most

Theodore (Ted) Heise     <theo@xxxxxxxx>     Bloomington, IN, USA

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