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[leafnode-list] Re: Signs of life...

On Thu-2010/04/08-10:47 Matthias Andree wrote:

> Three months after the latest post to the list, I'd like to state that
> I'm  still alive.

Sorry, I just noticed leafnode had expired all articles in
"gmane.network.leafnode" and made it "uninteresting":  I saw the group
in the client, but not that no articles would appear in it!

> I hope to have more time to look into leafnode-2 again, and for
> instance  merge the lua extension and sort out the filtering issues
> uncovered by it,  but help on leafnode will be appreciated. I won't be
> able to devote  truckloads of time to leafnode in the next months, but
> rather only a  couple of hours here and there.

I'll help with the merging and lua stuff, of course.

> BTW, if someone knows automated or scriptable upload tools that reduce
> the  amount of mouse clicking and reloading pages needed to release
> files on  sourceforge or berlios, please speak up.

If you can use any of HTTP, FTP or WebDAV, sitecopy might be easiest.
What happened to ssh on berlios?


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