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[leafnode-list] Re: Copying messages to a new newsgroup

Tim Thompson wrote:

> Question: Is it possible to copy messages from one newsgroup in the
> spool to another? Do the messages have to be modified or an index
> updated when this is done?

Yes, news-servers all keep an index with the messages in some particular
newsgroup.  It is not impossible to do it manually, but it's way easier
to cross-post the old articles.

If you really want to fake it, take a look into the spool directory of
the newsgroup in question.  ".overview" is the name of that index, but
you'd have to get the numbering in the "Xref:" header line and the
permissions in shape, plus the index itself.  This cannot reliably done
with fetchnews running, so you'd have to turn that off, too.


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