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[leafnode-list] Re: Copying messages to a new newsgroup

Am 28.05.2010, 17:53 Uhr, schrieb Tim Thompson:

> Dear Matthias,
> We are currently using v2-alpha for local-only newsgroups. It's working
> very well for us, thank you.
> Question: Is it possible to copy messages from one newsgroup in the
> spool to another? Do the messages have to be modified or an index
> updated when this is done?

Hi Tim,

You can move, but you cannot easily copy.

You can leverage leafnode's in.coming queue (which is used so that  
newsreaders can post even while fetchnews or texpire are running) to do it  
like this:

1. make sure no leafnode, texpire, applyfilter, fetchnews, ... processes  
are running; disable cron jobs and shut down the leafnode nntpd daemon in  
inetd/xinetd/tcpsvd and take a note of which and where you disabled them.

2. to be on the safe side, backup or archive (tar, pax, cpio, bacula) the  
articles you want to move

3. move the articles you want moved to $spooldir/in.coming ($spooldir  
might be /var/spool/leafnode)

4. in the articles in $spooldir/in.coming, edit the Newsgroups: headers so  
they read "Newsgroups: local.new" (replace local.new by AN EXISTING target  
newsgroup, else they will be delete in step 4 - you can use multiple  
Newsgroups, comma separated, for local cross-postings.)

5. run texpire - this will purge old/create new entries for the [X]OVER  
article headers database, regenerate Xref: headers and link them to the  
proper directories.  If for some reason this goes wrong, try "texpire -r"  
(should not be necessary though).

6. re-enable services you disabled in #1.

This works in all halfway recent 2.0.0alpha versions from 2002 up to  
2009*, but no promises it will continue to work for future releases.

Matthias Andree
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