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[leafnode-list] Re: Error installing leafnode

clemens fischer wrote:

> Benjamin Esham wrote:
> > With a little bit of ingenuity (a.k.a. "blind luck") I managed to get
> > Leafnode working with Fink on Mac OS X 10.6.  I don't have the expertise
> > to become the official maintainer of the Leafnode package for Fink, but
> > perhaps my notes can help someone else to create a package.
> Might as well post the _version_ of leafnode you got  8-)

Well, I *suppose* so ;-)  I installed leafnode-1.10.0.rel, which is the
version currently offered by Fink.  Checking the Leafnode site I see that
this is not the latest version possible; perhaps I'll try to create a Fink
version for 1.11.8.

Benjamin D. Esham   |   bdesham@xxxxxxxxx
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