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[leafnode-list] Re: fqdn problem

Am 17.07.2010, 09:06 Uhr, schrieb Eric S. Johansson:

>   Jul 17 02:40:51 redhat-1 xinetd[25746]: START: nntp pid=25768  
> from=
> Jul 17 02:40:51 redhat-1 leafnode[25768]:  Leafnode must have a  
> fully-qualified
> domain name, not just "localhost.localdomain". Edit your /etc/hosts file  
> to add
> a fully qualified domain name.

Which leafnode version are you using?  This is the first report in a long

> Jul 17 02:40:51 redhat-1 xinetd[25746]: EXIT: nntp signal=6 pid=25768
> duration=0(sec)
> *what* is it bitching about??  I've set hosts...
>    redhat-1.harvee.com
> set the only server definition I could find
> server = redhat-1.harvee.com
> it was working fine before I turned on a virtual ethernet interface.  I  
> bound xinetd to the main interface but still no joy.

It's not related to the IP or bound address, but the computer's hostname.

I *guess* that turning on the virtual ethernet interface also changed the
hostname (check with the hostname command) and/or how the actual hostname
resolves.  What is the virtual ethernet interface related to? Some virtual
computer (VMware/VirtualBox/Bochs/...) or plain networking stuff?

Please give details on your network (particularly with what tool you
configured the virtual eth' i'face, and what configuration it wrote to the
system configuration files) and name resolver configuration, and do
include the output of "hostname" and "hostname -f" when the computer is

Matthias Andree
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