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[leafnode-list] slrn gives "server read error"

Hi all,

I’m running leafnode 1.10.0.rel on Mac OS X (I know it’s an old version, but
for now it’s the only one I can get set up).  Occasionally I’ll try to view
a group in slrn when I get the error “Server read failed.”  This happens
only with one or two groups, but it happens maybe 90% of the time when I try
to view one of these groups.

I know this is a slrn error and not a leafnode error per se, but can anyone
suggest what the problem might be?  Is there some cache file I can purge or
something like that?  Or is this just a bug that has been fixed in
subsequent releases?

Benjamin D. Esham   |   bdesham@xxxxxxxxx
“People find it far easier to forgive others for being wrong than
being right.”                          — Albus Dumbledore in HBP

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