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[leafnode-list] Re: slrn gives "server read error"

Benjamin Esham wrote:

> I???m running leafnode 1.10.0.rel on Mac OS X (I know it???s an old
> version, but for now it???s the only one I can get set up).
> Occasionally I???ll try to view a group in slrn when I get the error
> ???Server read failed.???  This happens only with one or two groups, but
> it happens maybe 90% of the time when I try to view one of these
> groups.

To diagnose problems like this, you have several options:

- turn on network-IO debugging in leafnode and look at the log.  the
  manual pages have info about the debug values needed.

- access your leafnode installation using netcat or telnet and try some
  NNTP commands manually -> try "help" as the first command.

- use "strace(1)" on both leafnode and slrn.


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