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[leafnode-list] Re: Header PATH and FQDN

*Matthias Andree* wrote:

> Am 05.12.2010 21:50, schrieb Lurkos:
>> As you have probably guessed, I've started to use Leafnode few days ago.
>> Thus first of all I would like to thank you all for the previous
>> answers.
>> I've noticed that Leafnode adds the hostname/FQDN set in the
>> configuration file inside the "Path: " header for outgoing articles.
>> Is it possible to avoid Leafnode to add the "Path: " header, leaving
>> this task to the remote/posting news server?
> Only by patching the source code.  Why would that be desirable?

If I'm not wrong, Leafnode doesn't handle local groups, but it's only
able to keep the local spool syncronized with the remote server, that in
turn are also used to post articles.
Indeed, Leafnode-1 always sends and receive again all the articles sent
by the user. For this reason the additional record in the "Path: "
should not be necessary to avoid duplicates.

Moreover, it's necessary to have a real FQDN to respect the policy.
Luckly my Usenet provider gives me a unique FQDN, but this is not the
case for the majority of the users.
Please correct me if there is a ISP news server that gives free FQDN to
its users.
Then, I think it should not be a good idea to put a fake FQDN in the
"Path: " header, also because it seems that there is not advantage in
doing that.

Finally, changing the initial path record change the inpath performance
of the actual posting server (and thus the top1000.org score).
Sure, it's not crucial, but still...


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