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[leafnode-list] Re: Header PATH and FQDN


Am Montag 06 Dezember 2010, 17:25:42 schrieb Adam Funk:
> On 2010-12-05, Matthias Andree wrote:
> > Am 05.12.2010 21:50, schrieb Lurkos:
> >> As you have probably guessed, I've started to use Leafnode few
> >> days ago. Thus first of all I would like to thank you all for the
> >> previous answers.

I knew it from the start. Yet, my crystal ball didn't show clear enough 
to see whether it's leafnode1 or leafnode2.

> >> I've noticed that Leafnode adds the hostname/FQDN set in the
> >> configuration file inside the "Path: " header for outgoing
> >> articles. Is it possible to avoid Leafnode to add the "Path: "
> >> header, leaving this task to the remote/posting news server?

leafnode needs the Path: also for one or two internal reasons. So, I 
guess, without messing it up completely, there is no way to change the 
creation of the header.

Yet, there is no need to push this header to ths upstreams, since when 
the article is shown as "new", leafnode should identify it as "already 
known" via message-id.

> > Only by patching the source code.  Why would that be desirable?
> Upstream servers might regard the preloaded path as forged; some
> servers move it to another X-Orig-Path header, which looks like
> "bullschitt".

Well, the "bullschitt" can be cleaned up quite well, depending on the 
surface. But there ain't no quick, clean and nice solution for the other 
wish, at least not in leafnode2. 

Yet, I will put this on a ToDo-list, and if there are no important 
reasons against some solution like this:

|nopath = yes     # maybe notrail or hidemyway or something like this?

I'll work on it when I find the time. Only expect some patch for 
leafnode2, I don't know any internals of leafnode1. (Yes, I know, 
leafnode 2 is alpha...)

... and by the way, this one should do without config. Please make some 
checks, I had no way to really test it. (It compiles. Is there anything 
more one needs to know? ;-) )

--- a/fetchnews.c
+++ b/fetchnews.c
@@ -1598,6 +1598,9 @@ post_FILE(const struct serverlist *cursrv, FILE * 
f, char **line)
     if (r != 340)
        return 0;
     while ((l = getaline(f))) {
+        /* wish: only post, if not the Path: header */
+       if (strncasecmp(l, "Path:", 5) == 0)
+           continue;
        /* can't use putaline() here because
           line length is restricted to 1024 bytes in there */
        if (l[0] == '.')

Any comments (works/doesn't work/I got banned from my provider/"2 people 
like this") appreciated.

Have a nice day and some fun...

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