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[leafnode-list] Re: Header PATH and FQDN

*Martin Brunzel* wrote:

>>>> As you have probably guessed, I've started to use Leafnode few
>>>> days ago. Thus first of all I would like to thank you all for the
>>>> previous answers.
> I knew it from the start. Yet, my crystal ball didn't show clear enough 
> to see whether it's leafnode1 or leafnode2.

It's Leafnode-1, the only one avaible through apt-get.
I've clarified it in the second post.

>>>> I've noticed that Leafnode adds the hostname/FQDN set in the
>>>> configuration file inside the "Path: " header for outgoing
>>>> articles. Is it possible to avoid Leafnode to add the "Path: "
>>>> header, leaving this task to the remote/posting news server?
> leafnode needs the Path: also for one or two internal reasons. So, I 
> guess, without messing it up completely, there is no way to change the 
> creation of the header.

Fair enough.

> Yet, there is no need to push this header to ths upstreams, since when 
> the article is shown as "new", leafnode should identify it as "already 
> known" via message-id.

It seems a really good idea.


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