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[leafnode-list] Re: Header PATH and FQDN


Am Dienstag 07 Dezember 2010, 01:56:22 schrieb Lurkos:
> It's Leafnode-1, the only one avaible through apt-get.
> I've clarified it in the second post.

Well, I'm sorry, I only saw some general statement about what leafnode 1 
does. Since I mostly try, discard and retry different software, I didn't 
recognize you were using it finally.

> > Yet, there is no need to push this header to ths upstreams, since
> > when the article is shown as "new", leafnode should identify it as
> > "already known" via message-id.
> It seems a really good idea.

Yet, I'm not totally convinced (though my first thought was "not 
necessary"). I guess, I'll have to take some time, pen and paper, and do 
some homework. There are so many different cases (local, worldwide 
groups, moderated, unmoderated, read-only, different server replies on 
uploads in any of these cases) and wishes/basics (do you want almost 
immediately available articles or an exact "copy" of your upstream 
server) to consider, that I don't see any way to quickly decide what's 
right/wrong or the best choice.

Have some fun anyway...

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