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[leafnode-list] applyfilter failure malloc(16384) failed: Space for article

I'm running leafnode-2.0.0.alpha20081229a, using applyfilter I came across this error
malloc(16384) failed: Space for article

The conditions were..
Ubuntu 10.10 on a virtual machine  900MB swap
same happened on a real Ubuntu 10.10 machine  9GB swap
1GB memory in both cases and both 32bit, plenty of free hard drive space >10GB in both cases

Running on the virtual machine against group sci.electronics.design with 650,000+ messages

sudo applyfilter -nvvv sci.electronics.design

Watched by running top.
After a quite a while mem% used was just under 80% and then the swap file started being used.
The last I saw it had filled around 550MB of the swap file.
applyfilter then failed with this error  "malloc(16384) failed: Space for article"

It took around 50min to run before failure occurred. There was still plenty of swap space available
when I last checked, about 1 minute before it stopped. 

The same error occurred on the real machine, but I wasn’t watching it, just left it to run, so I have no
idea of the memory usage.

Error in news.err and news.notice logs was
Dec 12 23:17:35 vmpcserver applyfilter[1657]: malloc(16384) failed: Space for article

in syslog
Dec 12 22:28:44 vmpcserver applyfilter[1657]: Applying filters to sci.electronics.design...
Dec 12 23:17:04 vmpcserver CRON[1741]: (root) CMD (   cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly)
Dec 12 23:17:35 vmpcserver applyfilter[1657]: malloc(16384) failed: Space for article
Dec 12 23:20:03 vmpcserver rtkit-daemon[1225]: The canary thread is apparently starving. Taking action.

I ran the same command against another news group with about 70,000 messages and it completed ok.
The filter file has approximately 170 definitions.

Any ideas for the problem or is there any more information I can or need to supply or tests I can run.

What's the maximum number of v's in the options you can put in the command applyfilter  -v??? ........ 
that actually mean something? or any of the other leafnode suite of programs come to think of it.

Thank you,


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