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[leafnode-list] Re: Filtering articals

Paul Brooks wrote:

> I have since had another thought, I dont know how feasable it is but,
> if another switch (say -d(elete)) was added to applyfilter and it was
> called with applyfilter -d /path/to/news/artical/10001 to remove the
> offending article.  Since all the filtering part can be missed and
> the call to the functions to remove the article can be made after
> validity checks that the article is there ect. It would look after all
> the overview files and other house keeping itself.  Could that do the
> trick?

That's what "texpire -C '<some-message-id>'" is for.  Your "applyfilter
-d" switch would have to work out the list of Newsgroups the article was
(cross-)posted to and delete them from the subset your leafnode is
subscribed to.  "Texpire" does all that independent of any filter
settings, so it is more generic.  It also works if a change to the
various algorithms, hi- and low-water-marks placed the article into
another article number, because it goes by the globally unique


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