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[leafnode-list] Disabling The "Is Valid FQDN" Check


I can see that the fQDN validation is well-intended, but in my case it's unwelcome because:
1.  I use zeroconf networking, that puts my machine in the ".local" domain, and makes changing it globally unwanted and difficult.
2.  Anyway, my upstream server rewrites my message-ids, making the need to pick a name, pointless.  And,
3.  I do not like the idea of using a name - any name - not under my control, whether it exists in DNS or not.  MSGids must be globally unique, not valid; this is the new reality.  It is exactly the same thinking that makes any valid domain or domain name portion in munging a very bad idea.

Please can we have a feature in future leafnode releases that, while defaulting to on, makes it entirely possible to disable at runtime.  Just like we have with the allowStrangers option.  For now I am using my machine name in my own registered domain using the leafnode-only config option "hostname", but would sooner not assume an identity that isn't real, in DNS.

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