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[leafnode-list] Re: Disabling The "Is Valid FQDN" Check

On 2011-05-09, Matthias Andree wrote:

> I wonder if I should make leafnode 2 default to "post only to one
> server" (like leafnode 1 did), i. e. clear a message from the queue as
> soon as one server has accepted it.
> On the other hand, I've also had news servers just blackhole posted
> messages, and posting a message somewhere else is a good workaround, as
> long as all upstream news servers play by the rules and keep Message-IDs
> intact. Duplicate suppression is an intrinsic feature of Usenet, so for
> all compliant servers this is safe.  In fact leafnode-2 only clears
> to-be-posted articles from the "out.going" queue when any one server
> responds that the article is a dupe, for postings to unmoderated groups.

I prefer the way leafnode2 works now: post only once for moderated
groups, but repeat until successful for unmoderated groups.

One suggestion --- if you think it's practical: when building the
groupinfo list, if leafnode gets different flags for the same group
from different upstream servers, I'd like 'm' to have priority over
'y'.  (AIUI from previous discussions, the local flag for a group is
more or less randomly picked from the upstream flags.)

>>> Please report all servers that overwrite or modify Message-IDs to me so
>>> that I can prevent leafnode from posting to these servers.
>> I haven't heard about this until now --- is it a common problem?
> Unfortunately, depending on software installation, yes, newsd is one
> example.  Leafnode 2 blacklists several software installations for
> posting by pretending that the server's response had been "201 Posting
> not allowed" when it got 200 in fact.

Is that hard-coded in the source code somewhere?

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