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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode 2 not creating "all_links" in?gmane?hierarchy.

On 2011-05-09, clemens fischer wrote:
> On Mon-2011/05/09-18:29 Adam Funk wrote:
>> On 2011-05-09, clemens fischer wrote:

>>> Whatever gmane.org says, they sure don't advertise gmane.spam.detected
>>> (gsd) as a newsgroup, you might check news/leaf.node/groupinfo .
>> It's not there (on my server).  It hadn't occurred to me that an
>> upstream server would use groups in its headers that it doesn't
>> include in its group list.
> This is because gmane.org really has the group available, so it is
> natural for _their_ headers to have it Xref'ed.  Note that the Xref has
> nothing to do with the Newsgroup header.  The latter shows where
> a server has some articles, while the former shows where the author
> wanted that article to appear.  Xref is regenerated each step
> downstream.  Servers do not have to carry all groups.  If a downstream
> server doesn't carry some group, it won't have it in the Xref header.
>> Thanks, now I understand.  I'd expected leafnode to construct local
>> Xref headers (and to create group directories locally) from the
>> fetched messages' Xref or Newsgroup headers.  I guess leafnode does
>> something like that *but* deletes groups that aren't in the local
>> groupinfo?
> No, it doesn't delete them:  if groups from the Newsgroups header are
> locally available, they'll show up in Xref.  You're out of luck since
> gmane.org doesn't publish the gmane.spam.* groups.  But you're right:
> leafnode constructs local Xref headers.

I understand; thanks for the explanation!

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