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[leafnode-list] Re: Leafnode not getting new groups

Am 26.05.2011 22:07, schrieb Antoine Levitt:
> I use leafnode 2 to sync to news.gwene.org. I have nothing special in my
> configuration, but fetchnews keeps saying
> news.gwene.org: found 0 new newsgroups
> even though there are. For instance, one group I'm missing is
> gwene.com.shmup, which I suscribed today. It works fine on news.gwene.org. I
> tried nodesc, didn't change anything. Also tried
> removing /var/spool/news/leaf.node/groupinfo, to no avail.

The latter can't help as it's only the merged list of all locally
available groups and gets recreated, but bears little relation to when
the server's group list was last downloaded.

Leafnode 2's fetchnews tries the NEWGROUPS command, and from what I can
see in my tests, news.gwene.org (running INN 2.5.1 NNRPD) appears to
implement that properly, I see gwene.com.shmup was added after May 1st
2011 0:00 UTC.

Now, questions:

- what does leafnode-version print?

- what file system is used for your /var/spool/news?

- is there anything that modifies, touches, or otherwise change the
news.gwene.org "mtime" stat() attribute?  Leafnode touches the file to
record what time it had last used for "NEWGROUPS", and if the mtime gets
bumped (increased) behind leafnode's back, that's why it fails.

You can watch what leafnode sends with:

fetchnews -nvveD131 -S news.gwene.org | grep '^>NEWGROUPS'

After you've looked at all that, the recovery is to either simply run
"fetchnews -f" to fetch all group lists from all servers, or,
lighter-weight, to remove the last:news.gwene.org* files.  Either voids
some way to understand what has caused this.

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