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[leafnode-list] Re: Leafnode not getting new groups

27/05/11 01:17, Matthias Andree
> Am 26.05.2011 22:07, schrieb Antoine Levitt:
>> I use leafnode 2 to sync to news.gwene.org. I have nothing special in my
>> configuration, but fetchnews keeps saying
>> news.gwene.org: found 0 new newsgroups
>> even though there are. For instance, one group I'm missing is
>> gwene.com.shmup, which I suscribed today. It works fine on news.gwene.org.
>> tried nodesc, didn't change anything. Also tried
>> removing /var/spool/news/leaf.node/groupinfo, to no avail.
> The latter can't help as it's only the merged list of all locally
> available groups and gets recreated, but bears little relation to when
> the server's group list was last downloaded.
> Leafnode 2's fetchnews tries the NEWGROUPS command, and from what I can
> see in my tests, news.gwene.org (running INN 2.5.1 NNRPD) appears to
> implement that properly, I see gwene.com.shmup was added after May 1st
> 2011 0:00 UTC.
> Now, questions:
> - what does leafnode-version print?


> - what file system is used for your /var/spool/news?

Ext4, it's not a weird NTFS or anything.

> - is there anything that modifies, touches, or otherwise change the
> news.gwene.org "mtime" stat() attribute?  Leafnode touches the file to
> record what time it had last used for "NEWGROUPS", and if the mtime gets
> bumped (increased) behind leafnode's back, that's why it fails.

I don't think so. Only weird thing I can think of would be a suspend
right in the middle of a leafnode check. Oh, and we got a time change
march 27 over here, and it's not entirely impossible that troubles began
around that date.

> You can watch what leafnode sends with:
> fetchnews -nvveD131 -S news.gwene.org | grep '^>NEWGROUPS'

antoine@lambda:~$ sudo fetchnews -nvveD131 -S news.gwene.org 2>&1 | grep -C4
<111 20110526232643
check_date: news.gwene.org: server time 1306452403, our time 1306452403
news.gwene.org: checking for new newsgroups
>NEWGROUPS 110526 232628 GMT
<231 New newsgroups follow
news.gwene.org: found 0 new newsgroups
news.gwene.org: feedtype == NNTP.

Not sure how to understand this ...

> After you've looked at all that, the recovery is to either simply run
> "fetchnews -f" to fetch all group lists from all servers, or,
> lighter-weight, to remove the last:news.gwene.org* files.  Either voids
> some way to understand what has caused this.

I'll wait before doing this then.
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