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[leafnode-list] Re: texpire -n -C '<Message-ID:>'

Am 27.05.2011 21:01, schrieb Paul Brooks:

-n for dry run
texpire -n -C ''

cat /path/msgNo
cat: /path/msgNo: No such file or directory

The message should not have been deleted as it was a dry run.

Right. Thanks for reporting this bug. The attached patch should fix it.

Hi Matthias,

Excellent, thanks again for the quick fix.

A couple of small observations,  running texpire -n -C $messageid
gives no feed back, and running texpire -nvvv -C $messageid gives
"Trying to remove<477a56c7$0$30786$ecde5a14@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>...
Checking if there are local posts sitting in the queue...
found 0 articles in in.coming."

It doesnt say if the message would have been successfully removed or not.
Should it give that feedback in one or both of the above commands.

I  then ran texpire -vvv -C $messageid and got the same output as the
2nd command above.
What are your thoughts.

Hi Paul,

apparently your mailer misquoted my material and didn't indent properly. Some mailers do that if producing HTML output, some need explicit quoting configuration.

Anyways, the underlying message deletion code in other leafnode code parts (outside texpire, but shared with it) does not support a dry-run mode of operation, so I've gone ahead and fixed only the immediate damage for now, the TODO file has just been amended to accordingly, so I'll fix that properly later.

Best regards,

Matthias Andree
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