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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode creating multi-megabyte log files )-:


On Sunday 29 May 2011 16:02:04 Arthur Marsh wrote:
> I've set:
> initialfetch = 1000
> in my config
> would a
> kill -HUP $(pidof leafnode)
> be sufficient to get leafnode to load the new configuration?

You should get some kind of error on that. The "server" process is 
handled by inetd or xinetd. Whenever needed, inetd or xinetd starts up a 
new process. So closing your connection from your newsreader to leafnode 
should be sufficient...

... but: leafnode (the server itself) should have no interest in this 
setting. leafnode itself does not fetch any article, this is done by 
fetchnews. fetchnews is run manually or by any kind of cron. Since 
fetchnews is restarted on every run, there is no reason to send any 
signal to it.

In short: Your config should be re-read on next run. No need to send any 

Have a nice day

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