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[leafnode-list] Re: hostname

Am 24.07.2011 22:58, schrieb James Cloos:
> My leafnode (2.0 20090908)’s fetchnews recently stopped working.
> It started complaining about an unqualified hostname.
> Previously, setting hostname in the /etc/leafnode/config file was
> enough, but now it ignores that in favour of the string returned
> by uname(2).
> I had to specify the fqdn to hostname(1) to get fetchnews to work.
> (I prefer not to because doing so causes unnecessary and undesired
> dns checks as if the domain option were specified in resolv.conf.)
> Does anyone have any ideas about this?  
> I can always patch the src to skip that check, but I don’t see why
> the behaviour would have changed....


neither do I. So the conclusion is: something must have changed in the
environment - and most likely that's either leafnode configuration, DNS
components (bind, lwres, anything related), system library, operating
system upgrades, /etc/hosts, /etc/host.conf, /etc/nsswitch.conf,
/etc/resolv.conf and possibly externally, such as DHCP servers, new
router that returns different settings, thereabouts.  What distribution
and version were you using when it worked, what are you using now? How
does the computer get its IP addresses and host names, and so on...

Leafnode hasn't changed (you haven't upgraded), and it won't fail out of
the blue without reason.

I find it hard to believe that leafnode would start ignoring settings,
so retrace what has changed in system configuration (you're having
backups of /etc made regularly, or etckeeper? ;-)), and start from there.

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