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[leafnode-list] leafnode-2.0.0.alpha20110807b.luascript snapshot available

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Leafnode 2.0.0.alpha20110807b.luascript is available from

* The code sometimes uses timeout_client where it should use a server timeout.
20110807b.luascript: Changes since 20090908a.luascript:
+ Bugfix: reinstate traditional filters. Reported broken by Attila.
+ Bugfix: plug massive memory leak in fetchnews -f mode
+ Change: use getaddrinfo() rather than gethostbyname() to canonicalize
  our own hostname.
+ Change: leafnode-2 now requires a C99 compiler (or at least the
  stdbool.h feature) and an operating system compliant to the
  Single Unix Specification v3 (IEEE Std 1003.1-2001). This removes lots
  of tests from the code and the configure scripts.
+ Change: refuse posting to newsd servers to prevent dupes, because 
  newsd replaces Message-IDs. The bug has been known and remained 
  unfixed to the newsd maintainers for years.
+ Documentation: the README would show glob, rather than PCRE, matches for
  filterfile newsgroups in the upgrade instructions.
+ Bugfix: RPM packaging was outdated. (Attila H.)
+ Bugfix: Multiple fetchnews -S server options work again. (Robert Grimm)
+ Bugfix: use tzset() rather than gmtoff() for a UTC-mktime emulation.
+ Workaround: refuse posting to newsd servers (those trash Message-IDs, making
  leafnode post over and over again).
+ Compability: leafnode-version -v is documented (actually -v is ignored, just
  to document compatibility with leafnode-1's leafnode-version).
+ Update: Drop obsolete --with-runas-group from RPM spec file.
+ Change: Build ix86 RPMs for i586, rather than i486.
+ Bugfix: update.sh is now executable.
+ Bugfix: update.sh now sets the lock file properly.
+ Bugfix: update.sh now restores the groupinfo file if lsort fails.
+ Bugfix: update.sh now chmods to 0660 for consistency.
+ Bugfix: make update now runs update.sh under $(SHELL) and from
  $(top_srcdir), to fix builds outside the source directory (VPATH builds).
+ Bugfix: make update now depends on lsort.
+ Bugfix: lsort now finds the groupinfo.old again. (Reported by Adam Funk.)
+ Bugfix: lsort now detects write errors and exits with failure status.
+ Documentation: information printed by make/make update is now updated.
+ Bugfix: articles are now created with mode 0660. Reported by Adam Funk.
+ Change: when reading lines, strip arbitrary amounts of contiguous CR
  characters before LF, to work around various issues. Reported by John
  R. Myers.
+ Documentation: Clarify the meaning of expire= in config.example.
  Forward ported and extended from leafnode-1.
+ Bugfix: plug memory leak in applyfilter(8) found by Paul Brooks.
+ Bugfix: don't delete articles when texpire -n -C MessID is run. Found
  by Paul Brooks.

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