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[leafnode-list] List and archive server scheduled downtime coming week-end


there is a scheduled downtime for the leafnode mailing list server and
beta downloads.

The servers are scheduled to be shut down for maintenance and power grid
works from Friday 2011 August 12 around 14:00 UTC (16:00 Central
European Summer Time) until Monday Aug 15 morning.

IMPACT: During that time, some of the leafnode download sites, the list
archives in dt.e-technik.*-dortmund.de domains and mailing list server
will be unavailable.

Mail submissions to the list will be accepted by the University's
primary mail servers, but processing and list forwarding is suspended
by up to 72 hours.

The leafnode.de/fredi.de and GMANE archives as well as the
sourceforge.net hosted download sites are in different places and should
remain online.


PLEASE DO NOT RE-SEND YOUR MAIL if it does not appear on the list.

PLEASE DO NOT RE-SEND YOUR MAIL if you get notice that the message
delivery is delayed.

In both cases, your mail is queued and will be processed later.

In doubt, contact me directly at my GMX address.

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